Project House

Current House

Our current house is an old "Dutch Colonial Revival" house nestled in the hills of West Virginia.  This type of architecture was popular in the 20's and 30's.  While most of us grew up seeing these types of houses immediately call them "that old barn house".

We purchased the house after updates had been completed, and continued to add our own style elements. The renovations are both DiY and Contractor completed.  While I do most of the work, the large projects are supplemented by Contractors.  Living and earning a living, in a DiY house makes for some very unique challenges.  Adding 2 small children with that makes it far more challenging.  ADHD adds many layers of complexity to any renovation project, and can be both a blessing and a curse if you let it take over.  Following the rules of a DiY'er with ADHD will greatly help keeping on task as well as remaining within the original scope of the project.

We have renovated the entire ground floor, with the upstairs bathroom updated as well.

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