All DiY'ers need tools, ADHD'ers need tools NOW.

Tools provide the means to get things done, and can be pretty cool looking as well.
This is not an exhaustive list, but covers most of what a DIY'er needs.
The most-used tools for our DIY's is as follows (links included):

  • Hammer
    • Make sure you have one that is suited to the job at hand, generally a 16 to 18 ounce hammer with a textured/checkered face will provide excellent grip for framing
    • A 20 ounce hammer is great for general demolition work
  • Sledge Hammer
    • 8lb is good, 10lb is better for heavy demolition, moving sheathing, shifting framing, etc
  • Saws
    • Hand Saw
      • Everyone needs just one, not a large hand saw, but something that can get into areas that a powered saw can't
    • Sawzall/Reciprocating Saw
      • Excellent for cutting framing/sheathing for windows, access hatches, holes in drywall (although sometimes a hand saw works better)
    • Circular Saw
      • Cordless, as long as it is 18volt or higher
      • Corded - Provides better continuous power if you have the reach
    • Miter Saw
      Single Compound  
      Dual Compound
      • Excellent for angle and other miter cuts, mainly for smaller-scale projects and trim or casing.  Can be used to cut framing, if it is a sliding or higher-end saw (dual compound, with or without sliding).
    • Table Saw
      • Great for cutting down 4x8 boards/sheathing/sheeting/plywood.  Rotary saw can be substituted, however expect to have additional things set up to cut large sheets.
  • Drill - Corded or Cordless
    • Driving screws, finishing work, general construction, hanging drywall, etc
  • Impact Driver - Corded or Cordless
    • More intense jobs, including framing, setting sheathing, etc
  • Extension Cord
    • Getting power to where you need it
  • Saw horses
    • Truck beds/gates make great substitutes, be careful not to cut the truck.

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