Some of the rules for DiY'ing while ADHD'ing:

  1. Demo is fast, rebuilding is SLOW.
  2. Unfinished projects abound, take your time, focus on the task at hand.
  3. Always add 50% for ANY time estimates.
  4. Preplan - Put togther a list of things to be done. Keep that list updated!
  5. Distractions will happen.
  6. Document EVERYTHING, keep notes, be it in a book, on a white board, or other media. This way you can go back to them and pick up where you left off. Channel your hyperfocus to your current project.  This can help get you through the tedious parts and allow you to look beyond the current issue. 
  7. Be mindful of "while I'm at its'", adding a window to let in more light in a room may be an excellent idea, but if you didn't plan for it initially, it will add both time and expenses.  These kinds of things can extend a project indefinitely.  These are traps for the ADHD'er. 

Some basic rules for DiY'ers

  1. Know your limits!  Not everyone can handle a full kitchen remodel, contractors may be expensive, but they can not only complete a project, but can also complete it on time.  Establish a good relationship with your contractor, they will be in the thick of it with you and be able to walk you through the tasks.  Offer your services, but be aware that you may be a hinder more than a help.
  2. Be wary of "Gotcha"s, these are unforeseen work items that can completely destroy a budget, consume contingencies in a matter of minutes, and set schedules back by days, if not weeks. 
  3. Have a helper, either paid or unpaid, that can keep you on task.  This may be a spouse, good friend, or family member.  A good paid helper will keep the project moving forward and keep you on task.  Doing it on your own will only result in delays and distractions as you find issues.

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