About ADHDiY

ADHDiY is about DIY while dealing with ADHD. 

I set up this page to help others who have ADHD and want to DiY.

DiY has many challenges, when ADHD is added onto it the challenges grow.


I grew up surrounded by commercial and residential contractors, I spent many a summer renovating houses and watching my father build commercial buildings.  I enjoyed them immensely and took a passion to building things, both personally and professionally.

I didn't receive my diagnosis till my early 30's, and that opened up my eyes to many of my nuances and how I tackle a project.  I describe my ADHD as a pot of water set on high, with a rolling boil producing bubbles that I constantly chase.  My hyperfocus can quickly turn into an obsession, turning over things again and again, looking for a different way at the problem.  This helps with determining the best course of action when DiY'ing, I may be able to come up with a cheaper, simpler solution to the problem. While I am on medication, the ADHD is still there, it is not "turned off", and it never will be.  My mind is constantly processing the next thing, I know that medication helps smooth out the peaks and valleys, but in the end I need to be cognizant of my thoughts and actions. 

I realized my DiY limitations early on.  While I may have the skill set and the physical ability to do the work, I do not have the time needed to complete the task within a reasonable timeframe.  I am able to handle small projects easily and with deft skill, I produce high-quality and visually stunning works that complement any space.  Large projects require additional help, and may involve hiring a contractor.

I will be updating the time it takes for various projects.  This will help you with determining the actual time it takes to complete a project.  I attempt to capture the number of hours (and/or days) it takes from start to finish.

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