Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Maple Farmhouse Table Bench

Farmhouse Table Bench

I finally got around to completing the bench that accompanies the Farmhouse Table. I used the same design as the table, however I did not add the cross-brace at the bottom. As with the table, the entire bench is made out of the same tree.  Not many people can say that.

This may be added later, but for now it is complete.

A few small items to finish off are the backfill of the holes left from the screws.

I left the legs unfinished, and used the Solarez UV Resin  to cover the top, adding protection to the wood as well as leaving some texture on the resin.  The texture is to ensure that little bottoms don't slip off the bench.

It took quite a while, as I had other, larger projects to complete over the summer prior to revisiting the table, which will be covered later. 

I finally got the top completed, and was able to finalize assembly of the table.

I made every effort to make sure that the table was sound for everyday usage, with the ability to be taken apart in the event of a move.

I made sure both boards were bookended, however I left them un-jointed.  This left a gap between the boards, and allows for expansion due to moisture transport. 

The frame was very simple to build.  4 center rails, and the outside 2x4 pieces. 

The 4x4 legs are true to size, which resulted in needing 6" bolts to go through for mounting them to the frame. 

The notches for the lower support piece were cut on my table saw, making sure the depth was slightly over the height of the support piece.   The fence was set to the correct depths, and cut between 2" and 6".  This ensured a controlled cut at all widths.  

The top boards were roughly sanded with an orbital sander using 120 grit sandpaper.

The bolts for the legs were slightly difficult to put in, as they needed to be off-center to cross.

As with the table, the legs can be removed for easy shipping.

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