Friday, May 13, 2016

$5 Wooden 6-Pack Carrier

Wooden 6-Pack Carrier


  • 8'  1" x 8" Maple Board
  • 1 2' 2"x2" board
  • 2" finish nails
  • Cast Iron Bottle Opener


  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Hammer
  • Pneumatic Nailer

ADHDiY labor

Planning: 1 Hrs
Cutting: 30 Minutes
Assembly: 1 Hrs

Cost: $5 (only the Bottle Opener was purchased)

All of the materials came from scrap pieces of wood from my Milled Lumber project.

I purchased the cast iron bottle opener from Amazon:

I used an old beer box to get the dimensions, as I was using scrap pieces, it wasn't going to be a ornate piece.  Utilitarian, rough cut, and showed off the beer.

I cut 2" strips to keep the bottles in place, and spaced them high enough to show off the labels.

The sides were 12" long, giving enough space to allow for a recessed handle

The handle itself was a 2"x2" board that i ripped the corners off (very carefully!) and sanded down to make it a little round-ish.

Some shots with the finish nailer, and a screw through the handle at the top for the bottle opener, and viola! 

Just remember to pick up your bottle caps!

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