Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Custom Liquor Cabinet (Pt 3)

The final touches are being put on the liquor cabinet.

There was no stain put on the wood, just the natural beauty was brought out with some satin finish poly.

Instead of the box top, I chose to use the (soul) sister board from the one that supplied the doors for the top. 

The mixing of the resin/hardener produces bubbles, without much way of avoiding them.  I got a few of them popped at the surface with a toothpick, but sub-surface bubbles required the use of my oscillating palm sander.  I got some of them, but bubbles remained.  Oh well, the boards are not perfect, and neither should it.

The hatch marks from the milling came through beautifully, and after 4 coats of satin poly finish, the doors are ready for hinges!

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