Friday, September 4, 2015

Laundry Room Renovation Pt 2

Part 2

After painting, the lighting went in and the subfloor and tile went down quickly.

However, the flooring had to stop at an odd part.  When we picked it up again, we ran into a flooring elevation difference that was unexpected.

We assumed that the elevations of the floor was the same throughout the ground floor rooms.  It was not:

I had to put together several wooden cripples to brace the gaps in the flooring to prevent it from flexing.  Flexing on a tile floor is very bad, and can cause the grout to crack, and the tile to break.

There was about 4 layers of flooring in the Mud Room, and we had to decide where the finish tile floor would rest.  This required floating the tile with thin set, as well as brace out the additional gaps.
Look ma - more floor!

The flooring gap made it very challenging to get the elevations correct, and there was an acceptable difference between the areas, it was "floated" out as much as possible to avoid a trip hazard.

With the gaps were filled, and the flooring was fixed. We finally could extend into the Mud Room.

With the barn door and the doors to the utility closet hung, the room was finished!

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