Monday, August 3, 2015

Upstairs Bathroom Renovation: Part 2

After the complete removal of the existing flooring, moving the wall, and replacing the floor joists. 
The new common wall - master bedroom and bathroom.

The existing window needed to be reframed due to the sash having a different set of measurements.
The new wall framing stepped in nicely, and
presented no issues.

New Drains

New plumbing was installed where the toilet and full bathtub is located, the vent stack is within the wall between the master bedroom and bathroom.

The new bathtub was larger than the downstairs, measuring 19x32x60.  So while it is the same 5' tub, it's substantially larger.  By not completely enclosing the bathtub, we extended sight lines through the room, and will eventually put up a partial glass enclosure.
Location of the custom medicine cabinet

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