Monday, August 24, 2015

Custom towel rack and shelf

Custom Towel Rack and Shelf


1 1" x 9.5" x 8' board (board came from milled lumber)
2 6"x10" shelving brackets
8 2" metal brackets
2" finish nails
7 large towel hooks (coat and hat)


Planning: 1 Hrs
Building: 2 Hrs
Installation: 1 Hrs

Cost: $50

I put together a custom towel rack and shelf from some of the milled lumber. 

It used 7/8 thick maple and is 9.5" wide for the shelf and the hooks.

The overall length is 40", with the wall being cut up into 2 rows of 10", 13", and 17".

I used some 2" metal brackets to hold the cut pieces together since they would not be able to mount to the wall individually.

The trick to finding the studs is to use a magnet. It'll hang where the drywall screw or nail is located. Allowing you to measure and mark out the next stud.  It doesn't require batteries like a stud finder, and is far more accurate.  

I used a 6x10" shelving brackets for the shelf
and 2" finish nails for mounting to the wall.  Additionally, I drove 3 finishing nails through the top of the shelf into the vertical boards, further securing the shelf to the boards. 

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