Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Walk In Pantry

Rebuilding the Pantry

We have dreamed of having a walk-in pantry for much needed storage.  With flipping the kitchen/dining room layout, we were able to take some of the space from the new dining room to put in a 4'x7' walk-in pantry.

The existing pantry was a single-depth shelving closet that was 20" deep, faced the mud room, and backed up against the existing kitchen stove.

A new header was added to cover the span over the doorway

The Mud room was reduced by about 8" to accommodate the walk-in pantry.  There is still enough room for a bench.

The shelving units were laid out with 8" shelving on the left side, 9" wide shelves on the right, and 18" deep shelves on the bottom, allowing for appliances and other deep boxes.

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