Monday, July 20, 2015

Milled Logs

Been a quite a few months since I posted any updates, in the meantime it's been very hectic at Casa de ADHD.

We just finished off getting the 60+ year old Maple tree milled. I am very excited with the results, the wood grain is beautifully stained, with dark and light patches throughout.

The tree was felled over 2 years ago (part of the plan to do the Addition), however it was not within the cards to get it processed at that time. They sat in the yard, as a constant reminder of "unfinished projects". This one is now in the bag!

I will share the information of the miller upon request.

Tables and Benches abound!

Several different dimensional boards were produced on request.  The lumber was shared with my contractor, and will be used to produce some very beautiful pieces.

I also had beams produced.  As the tree came from the yard, there was a high chance that there was going to be nails embedded within the lumber, and there was.

The issue with nails is that they can slow the production of wood to a crawl as well as permanently damage the saw blade, increasing the cost of the job.

We hit a total of 3 nails, one being near the surface of the main stem, and the remaining in the hardwood of the log.  This resulted in me deciding that no additional cost can be risked, and left 3 beams of lumber: a 6x8, a 7x10, and a large 6x14" beam.  The smaller beams have been air dried and currently have about a 18-22% moisture content, perfect for structural and aesthetic uses.

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