Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Huge Kitchen Renovation Update Pt. 2

After the first of the cabinets were installed, we ran into several problems with getting them level.  Those were ultimately caused by the floor being almost like a washboard

The entire "U" of the cabinets were off from each other.
Shims abounded and consumed more than expected.  The contractors spent all day hanging only 4 base cabinets.


I was able to determine the root cause of the problem: the entirety of the floors were rotten from both water and insect damage.

All of the flooring had to be removed, clear down to the joists.  The joists themselves had to be removed.  Along with the removal of the joists, the bottom plate on the right of the picture had to be removed and replaced, see below.

Make sure your joists are level!
We doubled up the bottom plate to accommodate the removal of the extra materials and height of the new joists.

In order to replace the bottom plates, the second
floor had to be shored up with 2x12's.

The pile of debris left from the removal of the floor and joists.

The damage was extensive, and required a full rebuild of the floors, floor joists, and subfloor.

Facing the kitchen

The finished product was level, and within current code.
Facing the Dining Room, note the new walk-in pantry on the left.

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