Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Huge Kitchen Renovation Update Pt 1

Time flies by when you're having fun!

After the electrical was completed, and the lights were hung, the big boys stepped in and took over.

They were the best crew that I could have!  I still worked on the renovation, however I had to earn a living too.   We had a new window installed in what was going be the dining room, in the process of framing the window, we ran into our first "Gotcha".  The bottom plate that supported the wall was completely destroyed by insects (namely termites).  The insects were gone, but the damage remained. 

The wall had to be reframed from the bottom up.

After finishing that, work progressed and the room was insulated .

Remember to have your cleats put in so that you can hang your cabinets without having to search for a stud


Drywall was hung vertically, reducing the need to have 2 sheets and a horizontal seam

Selecting a paint color can be TOUGH!

Selecting a paint color can be TOUGH!

After selecting one of the "little" boys helped with the painting:

 Remember to tape your edges!

The first of the new cabinets.

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