Monday, July 27, 2015

Fireplace Installation

Installing Gas Fireplace


Gas Fireplace: Below is the fireplace and the stone front we chose.

1 2"x12" board
4 12"x12" concrete formed slabs
50' flex gas line
Various gas fittings (1/2")
3' 1/2" flex gas line (from stub to fireplace)


Planning: 8 Hrs
Building: 18 Hrs
  • 16hrs Framing
  • 2hrs Gas plumbing
Installation: 12 Hrs
  • 10hrs stone and slab installation 
  • 2hrs Fireplace plumbing and setting of gas logs

Cost: $2000

We went through multiple decisions to end up with the gas fireplace.  The original plan was to reuse the existing wood burning insert that was part of the original masonry fireplace/chimney.  However the cost of the materials to reuse the wood burning stove: a new flue, penetration of the ceiling/roof, and custom masonry for the bakcing, coupled with the fact that we would not be able to enclose it made for an easy decision to install a vent-free gas fireplace.

The fireplace was a custom order off the Lowes web site, and was about 3 weeks before delivery.  We selected the corner that the fireplace was to be set based on installation instructions found on the manufacturer site, and framed accordingly.  The insert required a platform, and was built to hold it.  We had a licensed plumber install the gas line from the gas manifold in the utility closet, and brought the line to the back of the corner through the subfloor.  The finish flooring butts up to the framing, and the stone veneer goes over it.

After the gas line was connected, it took about 30 minutes for the line to clear and gas to flow through the fireplace.

The day we got the fireplace working we had a massive snowstorm hit, and the fireplace provided the supplemental heat for not only the workers, but did not require any additional venting. 

As the framing continued around the fireplace, we decided to have a smaller mantle, and wanted the top of the mantle to be recessed from the fireplace.  This provided depth to the overall area as well as allowed us to build a small sitting area in front of the fireplace.

1/2" plywood was used for the casing so that the airstone could be glued.
We played around with slate tiles before deciding on concrete slabs.

It took about a week total from delivery of the fireplace to the final product seen below:
We stained the mantle a rich dark color, and will match that for all of the trim in the living room.

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