Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Custom Medicine Cabinet

Rough Cut Custom Medicine Cabinet


4'x8' sheet of 1/2" plywood
1" Rough-cut wood
Drywall Screws


Planning: 2 Hrs
Building: 4 Hrs
Installation: 1 Hr

When renovating the upstairs bathroom, I came up with the idea for a custom-built medicine cabinet.

I wanted the rough cut, aged-wood look that you would find from an old barn, and had the materials available from a fence that we will eventually be replacing.

I removed a few of the planks and ran them through my table saw to width.  The dimensions of the cabinet are 40" x 32". The box is 1/2" plywood, with 2" 16ga finish nails.

This provides for 3 shelves at 9", with a 1.5" overhang to catch items that may fall when the doors are opened.

The Doors themselves are framing 1 mirror at 15" x 30" each.

The inside of the frame was ripped to accommodate the thickness of the mirror and a retaining clip. 
 The red paint was sanded down and placed on the inside of the door frame.

The finishing touch is to install a magnetic catch to keep the doors closed.

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